Welcome to the MST.factory dortmund

Welcome to the MST.factory dortmund

The Dortmund-based center for micro and nano technology

In MST.factory dortmund, technology companies and entrepreneurs find relevant help to speed up their business and product development. Infrastructure offerings and investments into equipment which is provided on a leasing and facility sharing basis give the companies the opportunity to transfer their innovative ideas into new products in a straight-forward and efficient way, reducing costs, risk and time. The companies benefit from becoming part of one of the strongest European micro and nanotechnology clusters and get linked with a broad network of industrial companies, R&D institutes, capital investors, consultants, mentors, and other stakeholders.

MST.factory dortmund further advises and coaches entrepreneurs and startups in strategic, organisational and operational management skills, enabling the companies to focus on their core competencies and tasks. The companies profit from synergies resulting from the close cooperation of MST.factory dortmund with other local compentence centres in the fields of biomedicine, production technology, IT and logistics, as well as from colaborations with other tenants in MST.factory dortmund.

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